Sore Joint Rub: Medicine of the People

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Sore Joint Rub: Experience the soothing touch of nature's time-honored remedy


Embrace the wisdom of Native American herbal traditions with our Sore Joint Rub, a handcrafted blend of nature's finest ingredients. Harnessing the time-honored healing properties of carefully selected herbs, this balm gently soothes and comforts sore joints and muscles, providing relief without a burning sensation or unpleasant odor. Experience the natural warmth of these botanical treasures as they penetrate deep into your tissues, offering relief from discomfort associated with arthritis and muscle tension.


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100% Wild crafted, Organic & Natural ingredients, 0% chemical preservatives or synthetics, Proprietary blend of Navajo herbs, gathered in traditional way, High grade beeswax, African shea nut butter, Organic sunflower and jojoba oils, T-50 vitamin E oil (naturally derived and suitable for use in organic products)



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