Red Rock Canyon NCA Roadrunner Hiking Stick Medallion

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Speed through the desert with this collectible roadrunner hiking stick medallion!


Featuring a dynamic depiction of a roadrunner and the Nevada State, this medallion is the perfect way to show your love of these amazing birds and your appreciation for the outdoors Nevada.


Roadrunners are an iconic part of the desert landscape, and they are also fascinating creatures. They are known for their incredible speed and their ability to run up to 20 mph.


This medallion is a great way to show your love for roadrunners and your support for conservation efforts. It's also a fun and unique gift for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.


It's also easy to attach to your hiking stick, so you can carry your love of roadrunners with you wherever you go.


  • All sales will support our Public Lands and go towards preservation and education
  • Enjoy tax-free shopping!



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