Red Rock Canyon NCA Jackson the Burro Glass Ornament

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Instead of taking home actual wildlife, take home a colorful ornament!

Often found near the southern portion of Red Rock Canyon, burros (wild donkeys) browse on grasses, flowers, and shrubs and have large ears to hear any danger.

Jackson is a formerly wild burro who was adopted from the Red Rock Canyon Herd Management Area near Las Vegas in September of 2012. After over a decade of program support, Jackson has retired from public work and now lives with fellow adopted burro cousins from the Red Rock Canyon herd.

He's happily spending time with his old friends, playing in the fields, and thanks to this glass ornament, his spirit remains in Red Rock Canyon, making us feel his presence even in his absence.

These ornaments are handmade using recycled glass and water-based paint. All ornaments are individually done and will vary slightly from the photo.


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