Red Rock Canyon NCA Fab Tortoise Tee Youth

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Embrace the chill of winter and the crisp air of fall while engaging in delightful kids' activities. Whether your little one is exploring the outdoors, playing in the park, or simply enjoying family time, this tee offers warmth, comfort, and style.


With our Fab Tortoise Tee Youth, not only does your child look trendy, but they also carry a message of compassion and conservation.


Join us in preserving the beauty of nature and celebrating the magnificent tortoises of Red Rock Canyon, right on your child's sleeve.

Ps. As a responsible reminder, we urge everyone not to lift up tortoises in the desert. It's essential to respect these magnificent creatures and their natural habitat. Even if you intend to assist them by moving them away from the road, it's best to let them be. Handling them can cause stress, leading to fluid loss and endangering their survival. Let's cherish these unique beings from a distance and appreciate their role in our ecosystem.


  • Youth Tee

  • Printed in the US

  • All sales will support our Public Lands and go towards preservation and education
  • Enjoy tax-free shopping!


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