Don't Die Out There - Playing Cards

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Prepare for an adventure like never before with our 'Don't Die Out There - Playing Cards'!


It's not just a deck; it's your survival manual cleverly disguised as a game. Each of the 56 cards is a treasure trove of essential survival knowledge, covering everything from signals and shelters to first aid and CPR.


Dive into the wild world of survival skills through Diamonds, Spades, Hearts, and Clubs – Diamonds:  show survival essentials, signals, shelters; Spades:  assessing the situation and evacuation techniques; Hearts:  basic first aid information; Clubs:  CPR, head and spine injuries, fractures, bites and stings


Crafted from durable plastic-coated, water-resistant card stock, these cards are more than just a game; they're your gateway to mastering the art of wilderness survival while enjoying an unforgettable game night experience.


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