Paintings In Polarized Light

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Spring Mountain is known by hundreds of visitors each year for its captivating, and tantalizing views.

Austine Wood Comarow’s work is just as enchanting. Now you can take home her work and marvel at the details and naturalistic depictions.


Austine was an artist with global appeal who called the Las Vegas area home until she passed in 2020. Her love of the area can be witnessed at Spring Mountain's visitor center. Her contribution to the creative industries will forever be cherished.


About the monographer: "James Mann served as curator and is now curator-at-large for the Las Vegas Art Museum, where he has originated over fifty exhibitions since 1996. He is co-author of the Santa Fe Printmakers Series, published by Bell Tower Editions; and author of 'Beyond Post-modernism’ and ‘AZ-USA’, a book-length poem.


Information obtained from: Austine Wood Comarow: Paintings in Polarized Light


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